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Over 30 Years of Making High Quality
Orgone Accumulating Products:
Since 1988

ORGONICS presents a full range of authentic
orgone accumulating devices based upon the
life-energy research of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich.


ORGONICS Offers Excellence:
Quality materials, superior craftsmanship, years of experience,
and important information to help you make the right choices.

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Orgonics: In Business Since 1988.


Orgone energy devices cannot be used by people with the following:
High blood pressure (even if you are on medication), decompensated heart disease,
arteriosclerosis, atrial fibrillations, glaucoma, brain tumors, leukemia, apoplectic attacks or seizures of any kind,
or skin inflammations such as psoriasis, rosacea or conjuctivitis.
Caution is advised with ALS, MS, and Parkinsons. See further counter-indications on Accumulator page.

Orgone energy devices should not be used around fluorescent lights, microwaves, strong electro-magnetic fields,
within 25 feet of Smart Meters, not with electric blankets or within 3 feet of electric heaters;
do not use near old style CRT computers or TVs, or within 50 miles of nuclear power plants or labs.
Nor should YOU be around these sources of energetic pollution.


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Orgone accumulating devices are for experimental use only.
They are not medical devices.
If you have a medical problem, please consult a physician.
Use at your own risk.

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