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NOTE: This ordering page is not automated or set up as a shopping cart.
To place an order you must either call, send the form below through the postal mail, or email attachment.
See the instructions below under Payment Methods*

All large products are shipped UPS and a street address is required. Allow 1-4 weeks for delivery depending on work load and scheduling. When you place an order, you will receive an immediate confirmation that it has been received, and an approximate ship date will be given.

Some Canadian orders can be shipped by US Priority Mail which avoids the high brokerage fees that UPS is currently charging; ask about this option.

Overseas orgone accumulator orders are shipped with DHL.

Your Order is Custom Made Just for You.

All orgone devices are made to order from the finest available materials and manufacturing quality is 100% guaranteed for normal use. However, except for repairable manufacturing flaws, there are NO REFUNDS as the orgone accumulator devices cannot be resold or used. Orgone accumulators are experimental and your questions are welcome.

Remember: people with the following problems should not use an orgone accumulator device, or only with careful monitoring by a health care professional:
chronic high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, decompensated heart disease, brain tumors, skin inflammations such as rosacea or conjuctivitis, or people who suffer from apoplectic attacks.

You should not use an orgone energy device within 50 miles of a nuclear reactor, near fluorescent lights or microwaves, old style CRT TVs and computers, with 25 feet of Smart Meters, not with electric blankets or within 3 feet of electric heaters.


Your Name
Full Shipping Address (No PO Boxes for UPS delivery*)
City, State, Postal Zip Code.
Your Telephone, Fax and E-mail


Phone: You can call and place your order over the phone using a credit card.
Simply call: 707-521-9273. You can also leave a message and your call will be returned and your order taken.

Postal Mail: CHECKS ARE FABULOUS!!! You can print out the order form below and send it in with either a check or credit card information.

Email: Orgonics does not have a secure email line; however, orders are placed this way, too. Ask how.

Credit Card Orders:
Orgonics is able to take Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Please send your credit card number, expiration date, security number and signature to the address below, or call the telephone number and your order will be taken.

USA Orders: Visa/Mastercard and checks or money orders are accepted.

We now accept PayPal; just email and ask for a PayPal Invoice!

Foreign Orders: On sales outside of the U.S., an estimate for DHL shipping charges will be (e)mailed with the order confirmation. Shipping charges will be charged after the order is shipped to insure accuracy. Foreign customers are responsible for paying all duties, taxes and customs charges. Most foreign shipping is done with DHL for large items and Postal Priority Air Mail for small.

Please remit either by Visa/Mastercard, U.S. currency by international money order or a check drawn on a bank with U.S. branches (as printed on the check). Direct wire transfers are also accepted.

You can call and place your order by phone or by email. You can also print out the order form on this site and mail it to Orgonics with your payment information. Send your order to:

6490 Front St., PMB# 113
Forestville, CA 95436-9604 USA
(707) 521-9273

Questions? Would you like a printed catalog? E-mail us at:

All Photos are Copyrighhted by Theirrie Cook & Orgonics™


Orgone Accumulators
3 Ply Accumulator with a Shooter/Charger Seat & Chest/Leg Board:
-- PRICE: $2690. Approx. 200 lbs.

5 Ply Accumulator with Shooter/Charger Seat and Chest/Leg Board:
--PRICE: $3240. Aprox. 250. lbs.

7 Ply Accumulator with a Shooter/Charger Seat & Chest/Leg Board:
-- PRICE: $3520. Approx. 275 lbs.

10 ply Accumulator with a Shooter/Charger & Chest/Leg Board:
PRICE: $4620

20 Ply Accumulator w/Shooter/Charger & Chest/Leg Board
PRICE: $6150.

Accumulator Options:
Lift-Up Roof -- $50.
In-Side Handles -- $35.

Kits: Take 10% OFF these prices:
3 Ply Orgone Accumulator Kit: $ 1850.
5 Ply Orgone Accumulator Kit: $2145.
7 Ply Orgone Accumulator Kit: $2380.
10 Ply Orgone Accumulator Kit: $2745.
20 Ply Orgone Accumulator Kit: $3465.

Charger Box with Shooter Funnel:
3 Ply -- PRICE: $465.
5 Ply -- PRICE: $ 525. Preassembled.
10 ply -- PRICE: $1025.
20 Ply: PRICE: $ 1135.

Portable Accumulator: 5 Ply.
-- PRICE: $ 1250. Preassembled.


Energy Cloud Blankets

Orgone Pad, 12" x 12"
3 Ply -- $25.
Medium Orgone Blanket, 30" x 32"
3 Ply -- $135.
Large Orgone Blanket, 30" x 60"
3 Ply -- $255.

Additional Covers Available: Organic Cotton & SilNylon
Ask for pricing.

Ultra Wool Orgone Blanket w/Stainless Steel Mesh

Orgone Pad, 12" x 12"
5 Ply -- $55
Mini Ultra Wool Orgone Blanket, 18"x24"

5 Ply -- $185.
Now: $ 95.
Small Ultra Wool Orgone Blanket, 24" x 36"
5 Ply -- $315.
Medium Ultra Wool Orgone Blanket, 30" x 48"
5 Ply -- $585.
Large Ultra Wool Orgone Blanket, 30" x 60"
5 Ply -- $ 625
7 Ply -- $ 750.

Deluxe Linen, Stainless Steel, Steel Wool &
Wool Batting Orgone Blankets
(comes with its own additional linen cover)
Delux Orgone Pad, 5 ply, 12" x 12" -- $85.
Mini Delux Orgone Blanket, 18" x 24"
5 Ply -- $ 255.
Small Delux Orgone Blanket, 24" x 36"
5 Ply -- $ 385.
Medium Long Delux Orgone Blanket, 36" x 54"
5 Ply -- $ 750.

All-Weather Orgone Blankets w/Stainless Steel Mesh
All-Weather Pad, 12" x 12", 5 Ply -- $40
Mini All-Weather Orgone Blanket, 18" x 24"
5 Ply -- $ 165.
Now: $75
Small All-Weather Orgone Blanket, 24" x 36"
5 Ply -- $ 280.
Medium All-Weather Orgone Blanket, 24" x 48"
5 Ply -- $445.


Orgonics™ SportsWrap Collection:
Original Multi-Use Belt, 5 ply, 12" x 24"-- $195
Arm Wrap, 5 ply, 16" x 18"
1 ea -- $ 95.
Pair -- $ 180.
WristWrap, 5 ply, 4" x 6"
1 ea --$ 35.
Pair -- $60.

Orgonics Mitts, 2 ply
Organic Cotton Covered:
One -- $65.
Pair -- $ 95.
Merino & Himalayan Wool Covered:
One -- $75.
Pair -- $115.

Orgonics™ Boots 3 Ply (Specify Medium or Large)
WOOL: One -- $165.
Pair -- $300.
COTTON: One -- $125.
Pair -- $ 225.

Orgonics™ Vest, 3 Ply (Specify Medium or Large)
Wool Covered: $395.
Cotton Canvas: $350.


Print out this form, (print pages 8-9) list what you want,
fill in the address and payment section and simply mail it in to Orgonics.
Or call and place your order: 707-521-9273

Shipping Costs:

Orgone 12" x 12" Pads, WristWraps & Mitt: $9.00 for US postal PRIORITY mail only.

UPS Rates:
Order Value:= Shipping Charge:
$95. - $ 115. = $22.
$125. - $255. = $28.
$280. - $395. = $37.
Any blanket orders over $395. and all Orgone Accumulator Cabinets and Shooter Boxes will be billed separately for the exact amount of the shipping charge after the item has shipped which can be paid by a credit card or by COD shipping.

Item Wanted: _______________________________ Price: __________

Item Wanted: _______________________________ Price: __________

Item Wanted: _______________________________ Price: __________

Subtotal: _______________

For California customers, add an additional 7.5% for tax.
CA Tax: ________________

Shipping Charges:___________

Total: ____________________

Name: ______________________________________________________

Shipping (street) Address: _____________________________________

City: _________________________ State: ___________ Zip: _________

Phone # ____________________________ Email: _________________________ (to notify you when order ships)

Credit Card Number (VISA and MC only): or send a check or money order

Expiration Date: ______________________________________________

Security Code (last 3 numbers on back): _________________________

Card Holders Signature: _____________________________________________________________

Send to: Orgonics
6490 Front St. PMB # 113
Forestville, CA 95436
Phone: 707-521-9273 Email:

Orgone accumulating devices are for experimental use only.
They are not medical devices.
If you have a medical problem, please consult a health care professional.

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6490 Front St., PMB# 113
Forestville, CA 95436-9604 USA
(707) 521-9273

Questions? Would you like a printed catalog? E-mail us at:

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