Orgone Energy Blankets

Energy Cloud Orgone Blanket - NEW SIZES!

*Ultra Wool Orgone Blanket w/Stainless Steel Mesh: *18 x 24" Special

Deluxe Linen & Stainless Steel Mesh Covered Orgone Blanket

*All-Weather Orgone Blankets w/Stainless Steel Mesh *18 x 24" Special

Additional Information About Orgone Blankets

You Need to Know: CAUTIONS

Also see the SportsWrap Collection for specialized orgone devices.

Orgone Energy Helps Your Body To
Release Stress, Restore Vitality, Repair,
Reduce Chronic Pain, Replenish Bioenergy,
Recharge the Immune System, Rejuvenate

What Are Orgone Energy Blankets?

Orgone blankets accumulate life energy naturally
- no batteries, no hidden gizmos or gadgets -
An orgone blanket simply does two things that can benefit your body:

1. It stimulates the body's own relaxation response (parasympathetic system)
2. It imparts a greater bioenergetic charge, especially seen around the red blood cells.
These two effects can have a major impact in helping the body to:
relieve stress, create a sense of well-being, repair cellular damage,
ease pain, recharge the immune system, and restore vitality.

The blankets are easy to use, portable,
and come in different sizes and strengths,
and with different covers.

To find out more about what orgone energy is, see:

Remember: people with the following problems should not use an orgone accumulator blanket device,
or only with careful monitoring by a health care professional:
chronic high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, decompensated heart disease, brain tumors, skin inflammations, or people who suffer from apoplectic attacks. Caution with ALS and MS.

Shown above: layers of fluffy wool batting and oil-free steel wool.

The best materials: Fluffy sheep's wool batting is layered with dry, carbon steel wool and then covered with different materials that include ultra soft Himalayan woven wool blankets, linen, and water-repellent nylon, as well as a fine stainless steel mesh to produce effective orgone blankets that meet your different needs. We are now using a stronger stainless steel mesh to provide longer wear.

The strength of the energy charge: a "ply" is a combined layer of wool batting & steel wool; the more "plys", the stronger the charge. Below are some basic energy-charge guidelines for the Orgone Blankets:

3 Ply, All wool covered orgone blankets: a light charge that is best for elderly people, children and pets.

5 Ply with stainless steel mesh: a basic, strong charge for an all-around blanket to increase energy levels.

7 Ply with stainless steel mesh: only for people with chronic, degenerative problems.


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An orgone energy blanket under construction.

Energy Cloud Orgone Blanket
New Sizes!

Woven in the cloud-shrouded Himalayan mountains,
the soft wool blankets that cover this orgone blanket are very special.
The wool comes from New Zealand, the brilliant dyes from Germany,
and they are woven by Nepalese and Tibetan villagers in a sustainable economic enterprise.
The blankets are layered inside with fluffy sheep's wool batts and almost odor-free steel wool.

This blanket has a softer charge than the blankets covered on one side with stainless steel mesh. This make the Energy Cloud Blanket especially suitable for pets, elderly people, and young children who do better with a lighter charge.

Pets: Many customers have noticed that their pets, especially cats, love to lay on their orgone blankets. The Energy Cloud Blanket is a durable, pet-approved orgone blanket for both large and small animals.

Optional Covers: A washable organic cotton cover is available for protection against soiling;
and a water-resistant nylon, SilNylon, cover protects from wet paws or incontinence.
Covers do reduce the orgone charge a bit. Ask about pricing.

Energy Cloud Pad
12" x 12", 3 Ply
Colors vary.

Energy Cloud Medium Orgone Blanket
30" x 32
", 3 Ply,
Inside this orgone blanket are 3 alternating layers of sheep's wool batting and dry steel wool.
The outside is covered in a deep blue-green, ultra soft Himalayan blanket.
Price: $ 135.

Energy Cloud Large Orgone Blanket
30" x 60", 3 Ply
$ 255.

All 18"x 24" blankets with stainless steel mesh are reduced!
Take a look!

Ultra Wool Orgone Blanket
One side covered in a soft Himalayan Wool Blanket;
& the other, a Stainless Steel Mesh

Boost the energy charge!

The blanket top is covered with a soft, Himalayan wool blanket.
Inside are layers of alternating oil-free, carbon steel wool and fluffy sheep's wool batting
to create a strong orgone charge.
The bottom side, that goes next to your body,
is covered with a fine and, now more durable, stainless-steel mesh that feels like silk
and boosts the energy charge making it very penetrating.
Under the steel mesh is a moisture-barrier of water-repellent silicone-coated nylon
that allows you to wipe the metal side with a damp cloth to refresh the charge.

Pictured below is an Ultra Wool Orgone Pad with Stainless Steel mesh:

Himalayan wool on the top surface:

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Fine Stainless Steel Mesh on the under side that goes next to your body.

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Ultra Wool Orgone Pad: 12" x 12",
Place on lower back or belly, foot, hand, etc.
5 Ply:
-- $ 55.

Mini Ultra Wool Orgone Blanket, 18"x 24"
Good experimental size, covers torso, good for travel, wrap around arm, leg, etc
5 ply -- $185. Super Sale: NOW $95.

Small Ultra Wool Orgone Blanket, 24"x 36"
Small, but strong; a good size for traveling, to experiment with, or for small apartments.
5 Ply --
$ 315.

Medium Ultra Wool Blanket, 30" x 48"
More coverage for the entire torso.
Two can be used together to give full coverage by laying on one and putting the other on top;

5 Ply --
$ 585.

Large Ultra Wool Orgone Blanket, 30"x 60"
For people who want even more coverage;
Two can be used together to give full coverage by laying on one and putting the other on top;
5 Ply --
$ 625.
7 Ply -- $ 750.

Deluxe Linen & Stainless Steel Covered Orgone Blanket
with an Additional Removable Linen Cover

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Do you need a strong orgone charge, and a removeable, washable cover all in one blanket?

An ORGONICS™ original design for a very strong orgone blanket that is durable and cleanable. ORGONICS wanted a blanket that not only has a strong charge with a metal mesh on one surface but also without a wool cover.
The Delux Orgone Blanket has a natural linen cover on the top side.
An additional linen all-over cover is provided to remove and wash when needed.

This blanket is recommended only for dry, low humidity areas
because linen can hold moisture which can diminish the orgone charge.

The finest materials: A very fine stainless steel mesh that feels as smooth as silk is used on the bottom side that goes next to the body. Inside, 1/2" fluffy, wool batting is layered with a dry, fine grade carbon steel wool. The batting is light, yet creates a thicker blanket that imparts a strong charge. The blanket is quilted to stabilize the layers. Natural linen is used as the cover. A remarkable, ancient fabric, linen is much stronger than cotton and its hollow, wax coated fibers can hold an orgone charge. It also feels cool to the touch which is helpful in hot climates, yet will gradually warm as it is being used. ***If you need to minimize your exposure to wool, this is a good blanket.

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Delux Orgone Pad with additional Linen Cover

Additional Linen Cover: A linen cover has been included which can be taken off and machine washed. It has been pre-washed and shrunk. The Linen & Stainless Steel blanket can be used with, or without, the linen cover which tends to soften the strong charge.

This orgone blanket has a very "aggressive," penetrating charge and is available in three sizes:

Delux Linen & Stainless Steel Orgone Pad, 12" x 12" w/cover
5 Ply:

Mini Delux Linen & Stainless Steel Orgone Blanket, 18" x 24" w/cover

5 Ply: $ 255.

Small Delux Linen & Stainless Steel Orgone Blanket, 24" x 36" w/cover
5 Ply: $ 385.

Medium Long Delux Linen & Stainless Steel Orgone Blanket, 36" x 54" w/cover
5 Ply: $ 750.

18" x 24" Delux Orgone Blanket with additional Linen Cover

Photos Copyrighted by Orgonics

All-Weather Orgone Blankets
Now redesigned with energy-boosting stainless steel mesh!

Covered in a water-repellent, ripstop nylon,
this orgone blanket resists the effects of moisture which can dimish an orgone charge.
In areas of high humidity such as tropical places or of cold dampness, this blanket is a good choice.
The side that is placed next to your body is covered in the silky-feeling stainless steel mesh to boost the energy charge.
The inside orgone layers are made from alternating carbon steel wool and sheep's wool batts.

These blankets have a strong orgone charge.
They can also be wiped down with a damp cloth to quickly refresh the blanket's charge.

This blanket can also be wiped down with alcohol to disinfect it.

Great all-purpose blanket. The nylon is very durable.

The top-side color is a kelly green;
the bottom is a silver stainless steel mesh.

All-Weather Orgone Pad, 12" x 12", 5 Ply -- $ 40.
Place on lower back or belly, foot, hand, etc.

Mini All-Weather Orgone Blanket, 18" x 24"
Good experimental size, covers torso, good for travel, wrap around arm or leg, etc.
5 Ply --
$ 165. Super Sale NOW $75.

Small All-Weather Orgone Blanket, 24" x 36"
5 ply -- $ 280.

Medium All-Weather Orgone Blanket, 24" x 48"
5 Ply -- $ 445.



Additional Information about Orgonics™ Orgone Blankets:

When choosing an orgone blanket, consider the following:
1. The
strength you need (how many layers or "ply") depends on whether you are a high or low energy person, have chronic problems, or just want to use it occassionally for an energy pick-up and what kind of energetic environment you live in: is it one that is fresh and clean, or a heavily polluted area. 3 to 5 Ply is a good strength for the average person.
2. The
size you choose will reflect how much coverage you want, what is easy for you to store, lift, manage, whether you are just curious and experimenting or need a serious energy charge. The size of the larger blankets allows you to wrap them around your body for full coverage.
3. The
materials are determined by what may feel best to you, if you have allergies, and the quality of charge you prefer. ORGONICS uses in all orgone blankets a layering of 1/2+" wool batting which is light, yet strong. The air pockets created by the fluffy batting also enhance the charge. This wool batting is layered with a carbon steel wool from which the oil is carefully removed to reduce the oil smell.

The blankets are then covered in different materials to create different strengths and quality of charge: the Ultra Wool blankets, covered in soft Himalayan wool, have a very strong charge with the stainless steel mesh on one side. The linen and stainless steel mesh blankets also have an aggressive, penetrating feel and are preferred by people who either dislike or are allergic to wool. Linen, can feel very cool to the touch at first; and these blankets need to be used and stored in a dry environment. To remove moisture that may be attracted to linen, simply place in direct sunlight for a few hours or near a natural source of warmth like a radiator, gas heater or wood stove. Note: steel wool, sheep's wool, and linen are all flammable and must be kept away from open flames; touching or too close to a direct source of heat.
SilNylon is a water-resistant fabric that is now used to cover the All-Weather Orgone Blanket and is also a layer underneath the stainless steel mesh as a moisture guard. It is made from a silicone-coated nylon and is water resistant to avoid moisture which decreases the orgone charge. It can also be wiped down with alcohol to disinfect the blanket.

Why should you buy your orgone blanket from Orgonics™?
Orgonics™ puts years of experience and knowledge of orgone energy into our products and uses only the best quality materials. Unlike the Nyvatek Harmony Blanket, Orgonics never uses aluminum in our orgone devices as aluminum was shown by Reich and other researchers to be toxic for long term use. Reich stipulated that iron based metals should be used in orgone devices as our blood contains high levels of iron in the red blood cell which easily picks up the orgone charge.

The Russian Scenar Blanket uses palladium as it's metal. They believe that the body's bio-energy is "reflected" back by using this shiny metal; but authentic orgone accumulator devices work differently: by layering iron-based metal with non-metallic, energy-attracting materials, the orgone energy is attracted from the atmosphere into the blanket where it is amplified in the oscillating layers of the metal and non-metal materials, and then absorbed by the body.

The Tachyon devices are simply plastic or fiberglass devices that have been charged inside of an orgone accumulator; they are not, in themselves, orgone accumulating devices and so the charge will gradually dissipate away, especially when exposed to water. An authentic orgone device that Orgonics™ manufactures will continue to accumulate an orgone charge for the lifetime of the device if it is properly cared for.

You Need to Know: CAUTIONS
Orgone energy is a
living energy and will have an "allergic," negative reaction and feel very unpleasant around extremely strong electromagnetic fields and especially x-rays and radioactive materials. For this reason, blankets cannot be used or stored near old-style OPERATING CRT TVs and computers that are made with cathode ray tubes which give off low-dose x-rays.; NOTE: some of the newer LED models of TVs and lighting also have high emf emissions so be careful when selecting your lighting sources. Incandescent and halogen lighting is still the cleanest regarding emf emissions.

Can you sit and use a flatscreen computer while using an orgone device?
I don't recommend it because the keyboards of these high-powered laptops give off strong electro-magnetic fields; especially don't sit with one of these in your laps as it can affect your reproductive organs.

You should not use an orgone device within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant. If there are rolling hills or mountains between you and the nuclear plant, 25 miles distance is sometimes adequate. If you are unsure, try a small orgone pad first and see what the charge feels like in your environment.

Fluorescent lights, microwaves, electric blankets, infra-red saunas, Smart Meters, sparking motors, electric heaters, strong fumes, radioactive smoke detectors, or x-ray equipment also should not be turned on around orgone blankets. When these devices are turned off and not creating strong electromagnetic or radiation fields, then you can safely use an orgone blanket.
NOTE: the new compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) also have high microwave level emissions that are equal to sitting next to a leaking microwave oven as well as using mercury vapor inside that contributes 10 metric tons of mercury to the environment every year!! (SCIENCE Magazine) Full spectrum incandescent lights are the best source of lighting and very safe to use with orgone energy devices, on or off. In addition to now giving off higher emf fields, LEDs are made with gallium arsenide, one of the most poisonous substances and it is doubtful that the manufacturing facilities in China protect either their workers or environment.

Also, beware of anyone selling orgone blankets (or pendants, cones, etc.) who claims they CAN be used around strong electromagnetic fields or radiation or even "block" this radiation: this simply is not possible with a genuine orgone accumulating device and see this important REPORT.

Most regular household appliances and incandescent lights are OK. If you have any questions about your energetic environment, please contact us at the email address at the bottom of this web page.

Also, see our page on ENERGY METERS to check your EM environment.

Remember, what is good for an orgone blanket, is also good for you: our chronic exposure to low-dose x-rays from the cathode ray tubes in TVs, computers, and flourescent lights as well as overly strong electromagnetic fields and microwaves disrupts cell division in our tissues, especially in the rapidly dividing cells of children, and diminishes our bodies' own orgone energy charge. Do you really need WiFi?

Someday, energetic pollution will be as seen as important as air and water pollution.

IMPORTANT: Orgone blankets can be used by most everyone; however, people who have the following conditions should either not use an orgone blanket, or only under professional supervision:
chronic high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, decompensated heart disease, atrial fibrillation,
skin inflammations like eczema, conjunctivitis or who suffer from apoplectic attacks.
And caution should be used with MS and ALS.

Orgone accumulator devices should not be used on brain tumors because the brain is encapsulated by bone and any edema or breakdown products from the tumor can create too much pressure inside.

If you have any questions about these restrictions, please contact:

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Orgone accumulating devices are for experimental use only.
They are not medical devices.
If you have a medical problem, please consult a health care professional.

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