What is Orgone Energy
& What is an Orgone Energy Accumulator?

"I am well aware of the fact that the human race has known
about the existance of a universal energy related to life for many ages.
However the basic task of natural science consisted in making this energy usable.
This is the sole difference between my work and all preceding knowledge."
Wilhelm Reich, 1956, in a letter.

The Connection Between the Mind and the Body
Bions and Biogenesis
The Discovery of Orgone Energy
Accumulating Orgone Energy
Orgone Energy in the Body
The Biopathies
Reversing the Shrinking Biopathy
The Function of the Orgone Accumulator
Who Can Use an Orgone Accumulator
Overcharge Conditions
Strength & Materials of the Accumulator

The Energetic Environment
Where to Place and Store Orgone Accumulators
Blankets, Shooter/Charger Boxes
Orgone Accumulators are Experimental



Author's Statement:

The following is a presentation of Wilhelm Reich's (at right) discoveries, observations, and theories about orgone energy in reference to the orgone energy accumulator and it's uses. In no way, is the information presented on this website intended to be a substitute for professional medical help but is provided only as an aid in understanding the discoveries of Wilhelm Reich and the ideas behind the functioning of the orgone energy accumulator. A trained, professional health practitioner should always be consulted for any medical problem. Orgonics™ is not associated with any group or individual other than the sole proprietor of the company. References to books and other researchers is given as additional sources for information as a service to readers. Orgonics™ is not advocating or responsible for any claims made by the authors of the materials or websites referenced.

One thing I want to be very clear about: at no time did Wilhelm Reich ever claim that the orgone accumulator "cured" anything. During the period when he was treating people with orgone accumulators, he was extremely cautious about either himself, or his colleagues, falling into the illusion that they had discovered a remedy for the ills of mankind. More than anyone, even today, he understood the origins of what he called "biopathic" illnesses as rooted in the social and emotional misery of people's everyday lives. Reich always acknowledged that his case studies were limited in number; not nearly enough to be definitive, and he always stressed his failures and the remaining questions that required additional research. Having said this, it is also true that the decades-long, pioneering research Reich did accomplish, points to promising directions in which the alleviation, and certainly the prevention, of particular biopathies may someday be possible. I must stress that:

Orgone accumulator devices are experimental; they are not medical devices, and not a substitute for professional medical care. If you have a medical condition, please consult a health care professional.

In modern, western culture, "energy medicine" is a rather new phenomena with homeopathy one of the first forms. In older, Asian cultures, energy medicine has been practiced much longer as in acupuncture and other forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine. How the different approaches can be understood and possibly integrated is unknown. How Reich's discovery of orgone energy and the orgone energy accumulators will be part of these newer discoveries and older practices is also not fully known. Only systematic research will be able to reveal the answers to the many questions that remain.

I am presenting here only a very abbreviated history of Reich's discoveries. In the near future, a fuller account will be given. At the end is a bibliography and resource list where you can find additional information about subjects that I only touch upon. However, because of the amount and importance of information here, I recommend you print these long pages out rather than try to read them off the computer screen.

Theirrie Cook
Sole Proprietor


The Connection Between the Mind and Body:
Functional Identity

Orgone energy was originally observed by Wilhelm Reich, MD, a psychoanalyst in the late 1920s, as a bio-electrical charge whose flow within the body could be visibly seen as waves passing through his clinical patients as they were experiencing intense emotional breakthroughs. (1) Later, in the 1930s, to confirm his visual observations, Reich was able to objectively measure the movements of this energy by using a very sensitive millivolt meter with sensors attached to the body to record subtle bio-electric charge. He found the energy flowed from the inside body core to the outside surface (towards the world) when a person felt pleasure or expansion; and conversely, it flowed from the surface to the interior (away from the world) during states of anxiety, fear, and contraction. (2)

Reich also noted that the conditions of expansion and contraction affected a person, not only emotionally, but down to the autonomic nervous system, to the cellular, and even chemical levels. (3) States of expansion produce parasympathetic conditions associated with dilation of the blood vessels and increased circulation, pain relief, better digestion and peristalsis, lower blood pressure; and the stimulation of potassium and lecithin production; along with creating a sense of well-being, and sexual excitement. States of contraction, however, produce sympathetic effects: constricted blood vessels, less blood flow, and often pain. In addition, the contracted condition increases blood pressure and heart beat rate, adrenaline flow and cholesterol; it inhibits digestion and blood supply to the genitals and is associated with the emotions of anxiety and "stress".

The ability of the body to expand and contract and not become "stuck" in one mode, created what Reich called the pulsation of life which distinguished the living from the non-living. This pulsation of expansion and contraction also followed a specific four-beat rhythm:
Tension - Charge - Discharge - Relaxation

Reich observed this energy pattern within the organs of the body: from the beat of the heart, to peristaltic movements of the intestine, the bladder, and especially obvious in the sexual function of orgastic discharge. He called this pulsating pattern the function of the orgasm or the Life Formula.

Symbol of Orgonomic Functionalism; Unity and Antihesis:(below)
Reich used this symbol to express the idea that what often appear to be intrinsically opposing forces are often opposite expressions that come from a common source. To fully understand those expressions, it is important to understand their common functioning principle (CFP). In the case below, the symbol is used to express the common source of both bodily expansion and contraction as two different expressions of the autonomic nervous system, which together, create pulsation.

The Basic Antithesis of Vegetative Life Functions
Parasympathetic = Expansion, "Towards the World"
Sympathetic = Contaction, "Away from the World"


Autonomic Nervous System

Bions and Biogenesis

To better understand the flow and functions of this bio-energy, Reich sought to observe the simplest life forms: microscopic protozoans. He made a startling discovery while preparing a grass infusion ( soaking dry grass in water) which he was told by a biologist would produce the protozoans. Curious to see the actual formation of a protozoa, Reich microscopically observed the swelling grass daily as it underwent decomposition. He saw small, round, blue-glowing vesicles form along the grass edges. It was these small vesicles, which he later called bions, that broke free, regrouped into clumps, formed outer membranes, and eventually swam off as amoebas and paramecium. Further, he found that sterilizing the preparations only accelerated the biogenesis, the creation of living organisms from matter. (4)

A. Vesicles inside a disintegrating blade of grass. 1500X (illustration)
B. Bions breaking free of grass and clumping.
C. Clumps of bions with a membrane formed around them and internal movement.
D. The same organism in a contracted and elongated form: pulsing back and forth.
These organisms were observed to swim freely, develop a mouth, and "eat".
Some of these organisms stopped returning to the spheroid shape, retaining the elongated shape, and developed further into amoeba.
Reich made movies of this process of biogenesis in the mid 1930s.

While further studying the formation and function of the bions, Reich found that they could be made from disintegrating inorganic matter as well as organic and could even be placed on a nutrient media and grown as a culture. One such culture of bions produced from heated sand, had very unusual properties: in the dark, the culture dishes radiated a soft blue color; when held in the hand, a "prickling" could be felt; nearby small lab tools became magnetized; skin of the lab workers became tan under their clothing and when a small amount of the culture was placed next to bacteria, the strongly radiating bions would immobilize and kill them.

Discovery of Orgone Energy

Reich strongly suspected that the sand bions gave off a radiation. To isolate the culture dishes from other sources of possible radiation, Reich built a wire Faraday cage and covered it with cotton and wood. After placing several culture dishes inside and looking through a small opening, he observed flashes of light and bluish vapors inside the box. These visible signs of radiation came definitely from the bion cultures. Even more remarkably, when he took the culture dishes out, the visible effects of this radiation were still seen - even after dismantling, washing, and reassembling the cage. Reich quite accidentally found the radiation that was emanating from the culture dishes was also present, independently, in the atmosphere and could be concentrated within a metal-lined enclosure. He called this radiation orgone energy. (5)

Accumulating Orgone Energy

Reich found that certain non-metallic materials (wool, cotton, fiberglass, some plastics) attracted and held orgone energy; and metal attracted and then rapidly repelled it. By designing an enclosure, similar to the Faraday cage, lined on the inside with metal and made with alternating layers of metallic and non-metallic, di-electric, energy-attracting materials, he discovered that atmospheric orgone energy was accumulated and concentrated inside. He called this device an orgone energy accumulator. Within the box-like enclosure, the orgone energy given off by an inside metal wall is attracted to the opposite metal wall which again repels it. This creates an oscillation of the orgone energy particles inside. The layering of energy attracting material with metal creates a higher concentration. He experimentally objectified this discovery by observing that the temperature inside an orgone accumulator was higher than inside a control device or outside air temperature. Also, an electroscope which is a device that can be charged with "static" electricity, discharged more slowly inside of an orgone accumulator than outside. These two experiments confirmed that there was "something different" about the atmosphere inside of an orgone accumulator that didn't conform to standard physics. Through many years of careful, experimental research, Reich was able to define the basic properties of orgone energy: (6)

* it fills all space and is everywhere
* it's mass free and is the primordial, cosmic energy
* it penetrates matter, but at different speeds
* it pulsates and is observable and measurable
* it has a strong affinity and attraction to/by water
* it is accumulated naturally in the living organism by ingesting foods, breathing, and through the
* the mutual attraction and excitation of separate orgonotic systems result in the merging, or superimposition, of the systems; and the emergence of a new system
* orgone energy is negatively entropic: highly charged orgone systems attract lesser charged, which Reich described as the orgonotic potential
orgone energy is excited by secondary energies such as electromagnetism and nuclear energy
* when it is concentrated, orgone energy often has a blue-to-violet color.

The Interaction of the Orgone Energy Field of a Person
Sitting Inside of An Orgone Energy Accumulator.

The outside, atmospheric orgone energy (dotted lines) is attracted to, and penetrates the inside of the orgone accumulator, making contact with the person's own energy field; the two fields interact, causing lumination.

Orgone Energy in the Body

When Reich was studying the bions, he also observed that red blood cells, when not fixed and stained, also disintegrate into bions like the grass in water. In addition, when red blood cells are looked at in an alive state, an energy field is visible around them and Reich felt they were the carriers of orgone energy as well as oxygen throughout the body. He further observed that when people were ill, the energy field around the blood cells was smaller, and they broke down more rapidly into either bions or numerous, smaller T-bacilli that indicated a toxic condition in the body. ("T" stands for "tod"; the German word for death.) If the production of large amounts of T-bacilli continued, they, in turn, were not only a result, but became a cause of furthering the disease process.

The whole human body generates an energy field, often called an "aura". Normally, we replace used-up orgone energy by eating foods which break down into bions through digestion; also, breathing that takes in orgone energy directly from the atmosphere into the lungs and blood; and the skin absorbs orgone energy, especially when exposed to sunlight, which Reich felt was a major source of orgone energy radiation in the atmosphere. (7) These sources refuel the energy at the biological core and the tension-charge-discharge-relaxation metabolism throughout the body. In a healthy individual, these functions are uninhibited.

The Biopathies

Reich knew from his character-analytic work with patients (8), that most people, mainly because of anxiety, suppress emotions and block their energy flow. We do this by inhibiting our breathing and tensing muscles that prevent a complete pulsation of charge and discharge in our bodies. When the shallow breathing and spastic muscles become chronic, a contractive state sets in and the amount of orgone energy in the body is diminished. Consequently, the orgone field around the red blood cells decreases, the plasma in the cells shrinks, and they more quickly breakdown into the toxic T-bacilli. The entire body is further weakened and becomes susceptible to illness. Reich termed this underlying crippling of the energy functions and the weakening of the body a biopathy. The root word "bio" means life, and "pathy" means disease or suffering. Various physical disorders are only symptoms, or expressions, of this deeper energetic disturbance that affects the body all the way down to the cellular level.

Reich identified two main biopathies which result from a blocking of energy functions. One is the cardiovascular biopathy in which the body's biological core continues to produce energy to the fullest extent and sexual functioning remains alive. However, when the energy hits the contracting blocks, the person reacts with outbreaks of anxiety or anger. Physical symptoms include excessive heart rate, overactive thyroid, diarrhea, etc.

The other biopathy is the shrinking biopathy which occurs when the biological core reduces its energy production and sexual excitation and emotions become weaker and weaker; chronic resignation sets in, fatigue, and an energy suffocation of the cells and tissues. This depletion of cellular energy leads to an accelerated breakdown, an auto-infestation of T-bacilli, and, if prolonged, the appearance of anemia, immune system dysfunctions, degenerative illnesses, and cancer cells.

Another condition, which can occur in both the cardiovascular and shrinking biopathies, is the sudden, excessive clamping down of the energy functions in the body which can directly and severely reduce the amount of energy available from the core to the rest of the body. When this condition becomes chronic, it can become part of the shrinking biopathy; or it can occur only when a person experiences severe sexual anxiety. Reich called this condition anorgonia.

The Problem of Cancer

Reich asked the question:
"How does a healthy cell, living harmoniously with other cells, become a cancer cell which rapidly multiplies, penetrating and destroying surrounding tissue?"

What Reich discovered from his work with bions, is that cancer cells don't develop from healthy cells but a series of changes in the healthy cells must happen first and often long before the cancer cells form. Furthermore, he found that these local changes in healthy tissue are caused by a more general pathology of the entire body. In other words, the formation of the cancer cell is only the last phase of a systemic illness called "cancer".

What were the steps in Reich's research of cancer? First, he examined tissue and cells in a living state, not fixed (killed) and stained with chemicals, and also at very high magnification - over 2000x. He was also the first to make a study of all readily available cells in a cancer patient: blood, sputum, urine, feces, skin, and mucous membranes. He found a special, miss-shapen, club-like cell in cancer patients in areas other than the actual tumor. He also found numerous T-bacilli. This research led to the development of the PAP smear later on by another scientist. Reich himself developed three blood tests that can determine the health of an individual before a tumor develops by evaluating the presence of the special club-shaped cells and T-bacilli in the blood.

After years of research, Reich uncovered the process of cancer cell formation in the body from what was once healthy tissue:
The tissue first becomes weakened from energy stagnation and cells quickly break down into small vesicles or bions that clump together and around which a membrane forms. The new "cells" become the club-shaped cancer cells that gradually become motile and eventually become actual protozoa. Usually death occurs before the protozoa form in humans, but he was able to view and film the entire process in cancer mice. What cancer is doing is breaking down our tissues into protozoans -- a living death!

But what triggers this breakdown in tissue resulting in the cancer tumor? Reich found that chronic energy stasis in the body, accompanied by inhibited respiration and local muscle spasms, often in the area of the tumor, create the preconditions for cancer. This systemic condition is an advanced form of the Shrinking Biopathy; it creates an energy and oxygen suffocation of the tissues. As the weakened cell itself begins to shrink, the cell plasma becomes less in relation to the nucleus which then triggers a survival mechanism in the cell nucleus to divide and multiply. In the highly energetic process of dividing, the nucleus is also discharging great amounts of energy by the "tension-charge-discharge-relaxation" formula found in mitosis. It's as though the rapidly dividing cancer cells try to take up the function of energy discharge for the whole, weakened body. The cancer cell nucleus, by its rapid, energetic division seems to be trying to restore energetic pulsation to the entire body: actually trying to preserve life! However, the cancer cells are also biologically very weak and easily disintegrate into both T-bacilli and bion clumps and the formation of cancer cells increase.

Pain Relief

The autonomic nervous system is mobile -- it both expands and contracts as Reich was able to observe in transparent meal worms under a microscope. Impulses are first manifested in the movements of the autonomic nervous system and then transmitted secondarily to the mechanical locomotor organs/muscles. The autonomic nervous system is nothing more than organized contractile plasma and the direction of its flow is expressed by emotional, physical and autonomic movement. For example, what we feel as pleasure is the expansion of our autonomic nervous system, and anxiety is the contracting and shrinking within the body; what we feel is the very real process of expansion and contraction of the autonomous nervous system. The "pulling" or "tearing" pain felt by cancer patients, when not caused by an open lesion, is actually the pulling away of the autonomic nervous system from the site of the tumor. To ease the pain, a reversal of the contraction is needed, ie. an expansion of the system.

Reversing the Shrinking Biopathy
Restoring Life's Pulsation

Reich felt it was necessary to treat not only the actual tumor, but to also treat the underlying systemic cause: the Shrinking Biopathy that caused the energy suffocation of the cells. Even a healthy individual's blood contains some T-bacilli. However, healthy red blood cells and tissues normally break down into the strongly radiating blue bions and the tendency toward disintegration into T-bacilli is fought off; the few that exist are immobilized by the stronger bions. Reich felt that the disposition to disease can be determined by the biological resistance of blood and tissue - the orgonotic potency of the body - against the kind of living decay seen when large amounts of T-bacilli appear. Reich felt this was identical to the concept of "immunity". The key to restoring health is to slow the rate of cellular breakdown and change the cell's disintegration from a T-bacilli reaction to a bion reaction. The way to do this is to increase the energy charge in the red blood cells and tissues; the means to do this is to increase the energy charge in the whole body.

Methods to increase an individuals charge include the encouragement of deeper breathing; physical exercise is helpful here, too. The quality of food is also important as studies of the bionous breakdown of food show that more naturally nutritious foods tend to break down into bions; and heavily processed foods produce more T-bacilli. Exposure to fresh air and sunshine also increase energetic charge.

In this regard, emotional therapy is additionally helpful, if not always essential, to aid in releasing the spastic muscles and inhibitions that led to the chronic holding to begin with. And this is often the hardest work. However, if the currently high sales of anti-depressants, stimulants, and Viagra are any indication, the emotional problems Reich observed are still widespread. He saw the biopathies as both a result and cause of our social and family practices that daily recreate the emotional and physical misery.

The Function of the Orgone Accumulator

When a person uses an orgone accumulating device, the energy field of the user and the energy field of the device make contact, excite each other, and the two fields luminate, creating an even stronger charge. Since a human being has the higher energy charge, the user attracts and absorbs the energy from the accumulator into every part of their body. The increased absorption of the same bio-energy that is in the body helps the body to expand, thereby reducing the contractive state and promoting natural pulsation.

The restoration of the parasympathetic response improves the flow of blood to tissues and organs which allows them to function better, resist damage and recover easier from injury; it promotes cellular growth, eases tension and pain, assists digestion and peristalsis, improves appetite when this is impaired, increases core body temperature and can impart an emotional sense of well-being. The orgone accumulator helps the body to help itself by supplying concentrated orgone energy

In experiments using laboratory mice, Reich (and other researchers since) found that the orgone accumulator had a remarkable affect on wounds and burns. In addition, because of the stimulation of the expansive parasympathetic response, the symptoms of "shock" could be affected.

Reich believed that the main contribution of his discovery of the orgone energy accumulator was aiding in the prevention of severe biopathic disturbances.The increased orgone energy recharges the red blood cells and tissues which may reverse the cellular degeneration from a T-bacilli reaction to the healthier bion reaction, thereby improving the entire body's resistance. However, depending upon the severity of the biopathy, this is not necessarily an easy thing to do. The liver and kidneys can have difficulty eliminating the products of degenerative tissues and cells. Detoxifying programs can be especially helpful in relieving this problem. (9)

Today, we have many environmentally provoked cancers (such as smoking or asbestos and lung cancers) where the chronic damaging of tissues can create a localized T-bacilli reaction which can eventually develop into a tumor. Reich noted even in these situations, that the spreading of a tumor was always preceded by the accelerated degeneration of tissue into bions and especially T-bacilli: cancer never spread into healthy, orgone charged tissue.

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Who Can Use an Orgone Accumulator?

Orgone energy accumulators can be used by almost everyone. However, Reich noted that people with certain blocked, high energy conditions should either be very cautious or not use an orgone accumulator. An initial increase in heart beat rate often occurs when using an orgone accumulating device. Even though this increased rate usually subsides, often to a lower rate than before use, nevertheless, it can cause harmful stress to already damaged hearts. People with the following heart ailments should not use an orgone accumulator, or only under very close supervision: decompensated heart disease, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis or heavy obesity.

You Need to Know: CAUTIONS

Who should NOT use an orgone accumulator:

ABSOLUTE CONTRAINDICATIONS: don't ever use an orgone accumulator with these conditions:
chronic arteriosclerosis, decompensated heart disease, and other vascular of malignant forms of hypertension, brain or spinal tumors, stroke, (especially if recently) acute and chronic leukemia, acute internal hemorrhaging, bronchial asthma, acute internal hemorrhaging, acute skin inflammations. (
Orgone accumulator devices should not be used on brain tumors because the brain is encapsulated by bone and any edema or breakdown products from the tumor can create too much pressure inside.)

RELATIVE CONTRAINDICATIONS: for these situations, the accumulator can be used but with the greatest care and monitoring of the condition before an after use. Always start slowly with usage time.
all other forms of hypertension, acute skin diseases usually associated with allergies, autoimmune disorders, acute conjunctivitis, liver tumors and metastases.


Because orgone energy is "allergic" to strong electromagnetic fields and certain forms of radiation, orgone accumulators should also NOT be placed near operating CRT TVs, all fluorescent lights, CRT computers, microwaves, x-ray equipment, Smart Meters, infra-red saunas, electric heaters, sparking motors, strong fumes, radioactive smoke detectors and within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant. Only some of the new LED TVs and computers do not seem to have the disturbing energy fields ; Incandescent and halogen lighting is still the cleanest regarding emf emissions. you will need to invest in a good 3 field electromagnetic detector if you are unsure about your environement. See the Trifield TF2 meter. Also be extremely cautious areound 5G towers if you are not properly shielded: don't be within 3 miles.

Can you sit and use a flatscreen computer while using an orgone device?
I don't recommend it because the keyboards of these high-powered laptops give off strong electro-magnetic fields; especially don't sit with one of these in your laps as it can affect your reproductive organs.

You should not use an orgone device within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant. If there are rolling hills or mountains between you and the nuclear plant, 25 miles distance is sometimes adequate. If you are unsure, try a small orgone pad first and see what the charge feels like in your environment.

Fluorescent lights, microwaves, electric blankets, infra-red saunas, Smart Meters, sparking motors, electric heaters, strong fumes, radioactive smoke detectors, or x-ray equipment also should not be turned on around orgone blankets. When these devices are turned off and not creating strong electromagnetic or radiation fields, then you can safely use an orgone blanket.
NOTE: the new compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) also have high microwave level emissions that are equal to sitting next to a leaking microwave oven. They also use mercury vapor inside that contributes 10 metric tons of mercury to the environment every year!! (SCIENCE Magazine) Full spectrum incandescent lights are the best source of lighting and very safe to use with orgone energy devices, on or off. In addition to now giving off higher emf fields, LEDs are made with gallium arsenide, one of the most poisonous substances and it is doubtful that the manufacturing facilities in China protect either their workers or environment.

Also, beware of anyone selling orgone blankets (or pendants, cones, etc.) who claims they CAN be used around strong electromagnetic fields or radiation or even "block" this radiation: this simply is not possible with a genuine orgone accumulating device and see this important REPORT.

Most regular household appliances and incandescent lights are OK. If you have any questions about your energetic environment, please contact us at the email address at the bottom of this web page.

I also recommend getting a TF2 Meter or any other good emf meter to measure the emf fields in your environment.

Remember, what is good for an orgone blanket, is also good for you: our chronic exposure to low-dose x-rays from the cathode ray tubes in TVs, computers, and flourescent lights as well as overly strong electromagnetic fields and microwaves disrupts cell division in our tissues, especially in the rapidly dividing cells of children, and diminishes our bodies' own orgone energy charge. Do you really need WiFi? Fiber optics are still the best carriers of information. Satelite dishes are fine, too.

Someday, energetic pollution will be as seen as important as air and water pollution.

Within the last twenty years, two double-blind experiments using orgone accumulators were performed at medical universities in Germany and Austria. (10) The results confirmed some of Reich's findings: the subjects using the orgone accumulator recorded both higher core body temperatures and also, initially, a faster heart beat rate. In addition, most reported feeling a sense of well-being and various effects associated with a stimulation of the parasympathetic system.

Individuals with very low energy or shrinking biopathies should use the stronger accumulators. How often and for how long a person should use an orgone accumulator is a question that concerns both the energetic strength of the user and the accumulator. A person with robust energy may use a 3 ply accumulator once a week for 10 minutes or only when they are feeling especially tired. An average person may use it twice a week for 15 to 20 minutes, or only when needed. A weaker or aging person may use a 5 ply every other day for 20 minutes, or only when needed; and someone with a severe shrinking biopathy may use a 7 or 10 ply for 20 minutes to an hour every other day for a month. There is no mechanical rule as to how long or when to use an orgone accumulator and it is something the individual needs to work out for themselves.

After using an orgone accumulator for some minutes, a warmth, relaxation and sometimes a prickliness may be felt. The skin may flush and sweat develop. There is a feeling of a "soft glow", and of well-being. When these sensations are no longer felt, or there is a sudden urge to do other things, the session should end. Some people who have very low energy fields may take a month or more of use before they are recharged enough to feel these effects.

When using an orgone accumulator, a person wears as little clothing as is comfortable so that the energy can more easily penetrate the skin. However, being fully clothed is also just fine as the energy will penetrate the clothing, too; it will just take a little longer for the charge to build.

Overcharge Conditions

There is the possibility of becoming overcharged by using the orgone accumulator for too long a time during a session, or too often. The body can only take in so much energy; when this capacity is exceeded, an overcharge is felt. The symptoms of overcharge are a dizziness, pressure in the head, headache, and slight nausea. Simply ending the session and resting in fresh air will quickly dissipate the overcharge. Soaking baths can help reduce the charge also.

Another sign of overcharge is when a person has been using an accumulator daily, notices their energy improving, but they also find it difficult to get to sleep at night or they become constantly flushed in the face, or chronically irritable. If this occurs, cutting back either the amount of time in a session, or not using it every day can alleviate this problem. It is not advisable to continually become overcharged and better to use an accumulator for short sessions, several times a day, than for one over-extended time.

It may also be the case that an orgone accumulating device should not be used long term, every day for months, and especially, years on end; but only when needed for short periods. Even if the user continues to feel benefits after daily long-term use, an overcharge may be present that is not readily felt and that may disturb the natural pulsation of the body. In addition, if a person has a physical problem, using an orgone accumulator will impart more energy, but this may not be solving the underlying problem that caused the lack of energy to begin with. However, some people who have chronic degenerative problems or low energy do benefit from long-term use, so discretion and self-evaluation are useful tools as with the use of any device or therapy.

Emotions such as anger, anxiety or sadness can also be stimulated by using an orgone accumulator. These feelings surface when the building energy charge hits a block that can provoke an emotional discharge. An increased energy charge can also create sexual feeling much as cardiovascular exercise can; but it is not a "cure" for orgastic impotency or other neuroses: only emotional therapy can fully address these problems.

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3 Ply Orgone Accumulator
showing the inside metal walls,
a Shooter/Charger Box for the seat,
and a Chest/Leg Board folded and
leaning against the wall.




Conditions for Properly Using an Orgone Accumulator

Three factors influence the outcome of orgone accumulator use:
One, which has already been discussed, is the energetic condition of the user and whether or not a biopathy is present and how severe it is.
Another is the quality and strength of the orgone accumulating device and how often it is used.
And the third is the energetic environment in which an orgone accumulator is used.

Strength, Materials and Quality of the Orgone Accumulator

The construction of an orgone accumulator is basically the layering of organic, di-electric materials alternating with metal materials, with a metal layer closer to the body to repel and direct the energy towards the user. The direction of energy flow is always from the outside organic layer, to the inside which is covered with a metal material. Orgone accumulators are made in various shapes and sizes, out of different materials, and therefore serve a number of functions as you will see on this website.

Materials: The materials used to construct an orgone accumulator are very important for they will contribute to the quality of the orgone charge. Reich used rock wool or fiberglass for his organic layers because he found these materials not only held a charge well, but they also did not tend to hold onto moisture which can decrease the charge. However, polyesters, vinyls, polyurethane and styrofoams were found not to be good materials to use.

Orgonics has found that natural sheep's wool batting also holds a good orgone charge; the lanolin resists moisture and wool gives a "softer", yet penetrating charge. In addition, sheep's wool is not hazardous to work with like fiberglass.We use fluffy sheep's wool batts alternating with US made steel wool in the orgone accumulator cabinets. Galvanized steel sheet lines the inside of the ORAC walls. For the blankets, wool is used both in the layers as well as in the covers. Orgonics also uses organic cotton for a cover on the blankets for people who are allergic to wool as well as a moisture resistant nylon that is coated with silicon. Moisture dampens an orgone charge, so in areas that have high humidities or cool dampness the "SilNylon" offers protection. Also, a linen is used as it is a durable, hollow fiber, and has a natural wax coating that helps the fabric to hold an orgone charge. A fine, very silky, stainless steel mesh is used as the outside layer that goes next to the body on some blanket styles.

Reich also found that it is very important to only use iron-based metals such as carbon steel wool or galvanized steel sheet. The human hemoglobin (blood) molecule is composed of carbon and iron, and carbon steel(iron) is therefore more compatible with charging human and mammalian blood. Other metals, such as aluminum or copper can create an orgone charge, but they appear unhealthy for humans and animals and should not be used.

The number of alternating layers of organic and metal material, determines the strength of the energy charge. The increase in charge can be subjectively felt, and also objectively measured by temperature variations and the rate of electroscopical discharge. A layer consists of both organic and metal and is referred to as a ply. The increase in charge is not in direct proportion to the increase in layers as a 10 ply may be only 3 times as strong as a 3 ply. However, the 3 ply may create more than 5 times the concentration of orgone energy than in the surrounding atmosphere and is often more than adequate for the average user.

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The Energetic Environment

Since the orgone accumulator concentrates atmospheric orgone energy, the quality of the atmosphere is very important to its functioning. Orgone accumulators work best on dry, sunny days when the charge in the atmosphere is strong. The time between noon and 3:00 seems strongest. On cloudy or rainy days, the orgone charge is held in the clouds, off the surface of the Earth, and so the charge of the accumulator will be less. The charge is also less at night when the sun's direct radiation is gone. An orgone accumulating device can still be used under these conditions; it will just take longer for a charge to build up. Full moon nights, though, can be quite energetic. Also, orgone accumulators are stronger at higher altitudes and closer to the equator.

There are days when the atmospheric energy seems "dead"; these days are marked by extreme haziness; sometimes accompanied by excessive heat and dryness. Animal life as well as people seem sluggish and "out of sorts". Reich identified this kind of atmosphere, especially marked by a certain quality to the haziness, as a condition caused by deadened orgone energy that has become toxic. It literally drains the life and moisture out of living things. He called this toxic energy dor: for deadly orgone energy. We are not sure of all the sources of this toxic energy as it is not the same as sulfite-based air pollution. However, it is observed all over the world, especially in association with deserts. When this dorish haze is present, it is best not to use an orgone accumulator, and after it passes, to air out the accumulator in fresh air, or wipe down the metal walls with water to restore a fresh charge. (11) Wiping down any orgone device with water immediately detoxifies it from any negative energetic charge it may have picked up.

Above: Hazy "dor" conditions visible in a countryside setting where there are not any sulphite pollution sources such as factories or heavy auto traffic. Note the lack of deep blue sky color and a dullness to the vegetation even though this is a clear, sunny day. Severe dor conditions are when the stand of trees beyond the field would only be barely visible due to heavy dor haze. ...................Copyright by Theirrie Cook & Orgonics

Reich also found that strong secondary energies can irritate the orgone accumulator creating an unpleasant, agitated energy reaction called oranur. Reich discovered this reaction while he was experimenting with radioactive materials. (12) The orgone energy went into a frenzied state that irritated and severely overcharged people. If prolonged, the oranur reaction can eventually deaden the healthy orgone, creating a hazy dor condition. The oranur reaction can also occur in the presence of strong electromagnetic fields. In particular, cathode ray guns not only give off strong EM fields from their transformers, but the electron beam itself is so highly charged that it can give off low-dose x-rays. (13)

For these reasons, it is extremely important not to use or store an orgone accumulator near operating CRT, LCD, or plasma TVs, fluorescent lights or CRT computers. Nor should they be used around x-ray machines, radioactive smoke detectors, or within 50 miles of a nuclear reactor. Living near electrical transformer stations, microwave towers and other high-powered energy carriers is not advisable whether you have an orgone accumulator or not. In addition, due to high EM fields, orgone accumulators should not be used near electric sparking motors, air ionizing machines, microwave ovens, or with electric blankets. Strong chemical fumes also disturb the orgone energy. Normal incandescent light bulbs or household appliances do not generate very high EM fields and are usually not a problem on or off.

Strong electromagnetic and radioactive fields are harmful to living things whether or not an orgone energy accumulator is present. Remember, the human body is an orgone energy system, too, and is affected by these radiations even though we may not directly feel them. This is observed especially in children who often become over-excited when they start to watch TV (oranur reaction); however, if their exposure is prolonged, they soon tire and become the "couch potato" (dor condition). WiFi is now widespread and many people unknowingly install it in their homes. First, there have not been adequate studies to determine the effect of WiFi on the body, especially children's; and second, placing a laptop computer in your lap is irradiating your pelvic and genital area with very high electro-magnetic frequencies that are emitted from under the keyboard. Why do this to your body? Hooking a computer into a cable or satelite dish and have it sit on a table, off your lap, is far more preferable. Orgonics advises the use of energy detection meters to help determine the quality of the energy environment so that changes can be made to clean it up. It is better to clean up your energetic environment by removing fluorescent lights, install good grounding wiring, and not using CRT devices. Unfortunately, there are now various gadgets and gizmos that claim to "protect" you from these harmful radiations, but few, if any are proven to work. The devices called "orgonite" are especially deceptive and are not orgone devices in any way: they are piezoelectric devices, if anything. There are some carbon-based paints and fabrics that can shield against radio/microwave emissions; however, carefully check-out the validity of any claims that are made.

Where to Place and Store Orgone Accumulating Devices

The large, sit-in, full size orgone accumulator boxes generate a strong orgone field both inside and out, as overtime, a field can develop around it. For this reason, it is best to locate them in an outside covered area where they will remain dry and have a good circulation of fresh air to help maintain their charge. An enclosed back porch, unused garage, or a dry out-building are good locations. If an accumulator must be placed within a home, an unused room, with good ventilation and no orgone irritating equipment will work. Basements can be used as long as they are dry, have good ventilation, and the accumulator is not placed near electrical boxes, furnaces, etc. Frequently wiping down the metal walls with water, or placing a bowl of water inside an accumulator when it's not being used, will help to maintain a fresh charge and discourage an overcharge build-up.

If an indoor room, apartment, or house does develops a stuffy, irritable, overcharged feeling, the area should be immediately ventilated, the accumulator's metal walls wiped down with water, and if possible, the accumulator should be temporarily relocated outside the living area. The Orgonic's full-size accumulator is mounted on wheels to easily move, and it also easily assembles and disassembles for quick relocation.

Industrial, urban environments contain an atmosphere that is often chemically polluted and saturated with EM fields. It still might be possible to have an orgone accumulator in such an environment; however, special precautions must be taken. The room a large orgone accumulator is located in, should be seldom used and have absolutely no orgone irritating devices like computers, fluorescent lights or electric heaters. The room should have constant, good ventilation. A bowl of water should be placed inside the accumulator when not in use and the walls wiped down at least weekly to maintain a healthy charge. Numerous houseplants also help keep the atmosphere in the room fresh. If the room or apartment does become overcharged, there should be a contingency plan for a relocation of the accumulating device so that the charge in the home can return to normal.

I should note that some people, usually with low energy, report the presence of an accumulating device in their home as "energizing and soothing"; however, others have great difficulty tolerating the additional charge and it can be harmful to them. With the increases in high energy solar storms, nuclearized areas, and dor weather emergencies, it is often advisable to store all orgone energy devices outside the living area when not actually being used.

Blankets, Shooter/Charger Boxes and Other Orgone Accumulators

When a full-size accumulator is either too much or inconvenient, a smaller orgone accumulating device can provide the needed energy charge. Blankets are portable and are layered in such a way as to direct the energy from the outside surface to an inside one that goes next to the body. They provide a "softer" energy charge; though the 7 ply blankets can have as strong a charge as the 3 ply, full-size accumulator. The blankets also enable the user to lie down and some, like the belts, can be wrapped around specific areas to bring relief.

The Shooter/Charger Box which is the seat in the full-size Orgonic's accumulators, is also sold separately. It can be used to charge or "structure" water. The alteration in the quality of the water is confirmed by a change in the readings of a spectrophotometer as well as biological seed experiments which show a greater growth in treated seeds versus untreated. Wine has also been "aged" in orgone charger boxes and wine tasters seemed to confirm a smoother taste. Some people even charge food and clothing. However, objective experiments have not been done to confirm these reported changes. The Shooter is a metal, cloth-covered funnel that is inserted into the Charger by an attached hollow metal cable. The orgone energy is then drawn out and can be directed to irradiate local areas, either on the human body, pets, or plants.


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A 7 ply orgone blanket in construction showing the layers of wool batting and steel wool.

Orgone Accumulators are Experimental

Since Reich's death, individual researchers have undertaken experiments with animals and plants to further define and verify the positive effects that Reich reported with orgone energy. (14) This living energy has been called a "universal, dynamic ether"; acupuncturists call it "chi"; a physicists' idea of a "neutrino ocean" describes some of its features; the new class of organisms called "Archaea" touch upon the function of bions, and astro-biologists come close to acknowledging the possibility of biogenesis. No one before or since Reich has been able to so comprehensively objectify the existence and functions of this primordial energy and also develop practical devices that enable us to use it in simple, yet remarkable ways. Sometimes it is said that Reich discovered "too much" and therefore he can't be right. Naturally inquisitive, he followed a "red thread" of inquiry and astute observation that lead from one discovery to another; never assuming that he "already knew" anything completely. His work was only the beginning; much still remains to be learned and discovered. Reich lifted a curtain and revealed a universe waiting to be explored.



Comment by Wilhelm Reich about the importance and function of orgone energy in the body:

"If you assume that the material atom particle is the basic unit of the universe, including life, then you are also correct in assuming that the chemical compounds you find in a specific disease are building stones of that particular disease.

"However, you are fundamenatlly wrong in concluding thus if it is conclusively shown that all subjects of chemistry are SECONDARY products of primary MASSFREE energy functions in the living organism. The chemical compound one may find in schizophenia or cancer is not its "cause" or "sources of existence"; it is merely a by-product of the disease process. As a by-product, it may also contribute SECONDARILY to the development of the disease picture.

"Arteriosclerosis, for example, shows hard deposits in the walls of the blood vessels. But these deposits are not the cause of arteriosclerosis. It is one of its secondary characteristics. To understand the disease process "arteriosclerosis" we must learn to know what kind of dysfunction in the PRIMAL ENERGY METABOLISM is responsible for the production of this deposit. Could it be that chronic contraction of blood vessels will necessarily change certain massfree PREATOMIC OR[orgone] functions - such as DOR into Melanor and then possibly into calcium mass? This opens the door for us to the functional, PRE-ATOMIC, bio-energetic aspect of disease."

Wilhelm Reich in editorial notes to Rocky Road to Functionalism, by Robert McCullough, CORE, Vol. VII, Nos. 3-4, Dec. 1955

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On the left are bean sprouts grown in a regular box (control) and on the right grown in an orgone accumulator (ORAC).
The accumulator produced three times the growth.



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